This blog started when I saw some computer drawings Morgan was making on his Mac mini. I watched him making a story line with the stick figures and it fascinated me.

He eventually showed me the story in order when he saw I was interested and I thought this might be something to put up on the web, maybe as a web comic formatted blog.

After talking it over with Ash, we decided to go ahead with it. Ash created a WordPress blog for him and I got the webcomic plugin. After formatting the files, I posted them backdated so they would show up five at a time in one day, and the result is what you see.

To start reading them, select one of the Episodes below.

Episode 1: Pilot

Episode 2: Reg Beatle

Episode 3: Fight


Pilot Episode Re-edit

Apparently Morgan wasn’t satisfied with the story in Episode 1 – Pilot, so he redid it. He just called it Pilot like the old one, but I called it Re-edit here so you can still see the old one.

I’ll add more as he does them. Right now I believe he’s working on a new version of Episode 2 – Reg Beatle. Exciting times!

White Stickman

Latest and greatest, White Stickman!