The Game of Diplomacy

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About Diplomacy

Diplomacy is possibly the best board game ever invented. In the standard game of Diplomacy, you take control of one of the major European powers in the year 1901. Your objective is to gain 18 supply centers and be the sole winner of the game. The fun is in the fact that you cannot do so without the help of the other players. Each turn is preceded by a round of negotiations in which you try to convince other players to give movement orders that support you, while they do the same. If you can convince them to support you and not to stab you in the back while you are busy elsewhere on the board, you can win the game.

My plans for this page are to link to my favorite Diplomacy sites (which I can do now) and link to any games I run in the future.

Diplomacy Links

House Rules

For all games I run, I have a set of house rules. Note that these rules will be updated, so check the revision date with the copy you already have.

Games I Run

I'm currently running one Diplomacy game by email.

  • Game DC62: A Standard game.
  • DC62 Player Roster.
  • My Games

    I'm not currently in any games.

    Game Play

  • Realpolitik Diplomacy Mapping Software. This is the software I use to map out my games of Diplomacy in my email games. It is much easier than laying out my gameboard. I use Realpolitik because it has a MacOS version. Now I'm just waiting for the MacOSX version to come out so I can ditch OS9 for good.
  • Diplomatic Corp: My main Diplomacy club on Yahoo. I'm so popular they actually made me a moderator!
  • DipWorld: A relatively large Yahoo Group. Has a war council to whom you can appeal a GM ruling you disagree with.
  • Cat23: Another site for joining email games.
  • Resources

  • The Diplomatic Pouch: The online home of Diplomacy. Arguably the best Diplomacy site around.
  • diplomacy-archive. com: An incredible archive of Diplomacy article and other information.
  • The Variant Bank: A comprehensive listing of variant games of Diplomacy.
  • The Diplomacy Webring: Lots and Lots of Diplomacy websites.