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Proud To Be A Military Brat

[Howling Dog Picture...] Hello and welcome to the Pookey Page. Pookey is a shortened version of Pookey Bear, a nickname Ash, my wife, gave me.

There are a few things I am interested in enough to write about. If they interest you as well, and you have any comments, you can email me.

  • My Philosophy of Liberty.
  • Diplomacy (A game of skill and negotiation.)
  • Games (My Role-Playing Games)
  • The Libertarian Party (The Party of Principle)
  • Objectivism (The Philosophy)
  • Privacy and Encryption (They really are reading your email.)
  • My PGP Public Keys (You can send me email that only I can read.)
  • My business. I'm available for Agile Software and Documentation Control/Engineering Records consulting.

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    This is it for now. More stuff is coming later, when I find the time.

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