Tasmyn passed away on June 13, 2004. She was 17 years old, and we shall all miss her. Her memorial page can be found here.

Tasmyn Tasmyn

Hello Darlings,

My name is Tasmyn. Have we met? You seem like a very nice person. Do you know how to use those hands? That's right. Pet me. What? You're a psycho axe murderer? That's all right. Just keep petting me.

I am a domestic long haired cat, with luxuriant fur that I like to spread around so everyone can enjoy it. My hobbies include: Licking the walls, running around like a crazy person, chasing around those little furry balls that I had my Human slaves get for me, and playing with that ball that goes round and round and round on that nice little track. I like to make sure it's working every day, so I check it at night when everyone is asleep and it's quiet.



I am forced to live with an idiot male cat who is almost unbearable. If you've seen Christopher's homepage you know what a psycho mental case he is. He thinks everyone is out to kill him, when it's really only me who wants to kill him. What a loser!

Don't forget to pet me on your way out... Meow.


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