Bull passed away on January 16, 2000. He was a few months shy of being 15 years old, and we all miss him terribly. His memorial page can be found here. The announcement of his death can be found here.

Bull Bull

Hello there. My name is Bull (If you haven't guessed that by now pay more attention.) and I am the official mascot of the Ash & Pookey© Home Page.

I'm a fifteen year old marmalade domestic short hair. My hair color is red, not orange. I don't look my age, or act it as Ash would say. I am still quite active. Right after the Humans go to bed, Christopher & I race around the house like fools, playing with each other. That's always a perfect time to do that, but I wonder why the Humans yell at us when we do this. It's amazing that I've lived this long, but considering I haven't been an outdoor cat for quite some time, Plus the fact that I can still run away from Ash fast, may explain it...


Ash has been mine ever since I was born. I got her as a gift from my Mom. Ash says I have the name Bull is because, when I first started to toddle around she took one look at my stocky little legs and named me Bull. Don't you think that's silly??? I say that I got the name because I am a fierce & swift warrior.

Mmmmmm..... Look at that Purple Finch.

Where was I? Oh yes, I am a swift & fierce warrior and all fail when they challenge me...

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