Flower Line......

You are the Sun that brightens the cloudiest day. You are the Moon which guides me during dark times. You are a pool of still water that washes away my troubles. You are a fire that warms me when I am cold. You are a cool breeze that lifts my head and puts a spring in my step. You are a rock of stability that keeps me grounded and centered. You are the keeper of my soul, and all my love resides in you.

How many stars are in the sky? Count them as you look into my eyes. See each one glimmer as it burns pure and bright in the vast expanse of night. Each one a pure reflection of my infinite love. Each star burns alone in the deep. Each one seems a small thing, like the many small things I love about you: Your smile, your laughing eyes, your inner strength, your quick wit. Each one a small thing to love, but all together they fill my universe.

Every day I curse the clumsiness of speech that filters and distorts, preventing me from expressing through words my love for you in all its radiance. Better to look into my eyes, and see a love without limits reflected back to you. Better to feel my pulse jump at the sight of you, each time like the first. Better to kiss me, and hear my soul sing with a joy that soars like a hawk.

-All poems written by Pookey, for Ash.
(Isn't he so sweet???)

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