Wiccan Holidays
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"I am Pagan. I celebrate the changing seasons, the turning of the Wheel of the Year. I celebrate with singing, dancing, feasting, rituals, and in other ways. I celebrate each turn of the Wheel with personal spiritual practices and by taking part in community festivals."

-Excerpt from I am Pagan, by Selena Fox, of Circle Sanctuary.


Wiccan Sabbats:

There are eight Wiccan Sabbats (Seasonal days of Celebration), spaced about 45 days apart during the year.

Four of these are minor Sabbats:

Two Equinoxes... The time when days and nights are of equal length.
  • Ostara (March 21st - 23rd)

  • Mabon (September 21st - 23rd)

And two Solstices... The longest night and the longest day.
  • Yule (December 21st - 23rd)

  • Litha (June 21st - 23rd)

The major Sabbats are also four in number...

They occur roughly between the minor Sabbats, typically at the beginning of the month. Different Wiccan traditions assign various names and dates to these festivals.

The most common names are Celtic:

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