Starbucks Create Your Own Tumbler

Step by step instructions on how to make your own custom Starbucks "Create Your Own Tumbler" inserts:

  • Purchase a Starbucks “Create Your Own Tumbler” at starbucks.com, or on ebay.
  • Download the template for the tumbler you have:
    • older 16 oz (psd format only)
    • newer 16 oz (psd format only) COMING SOON!
    • 12 oz (psd format only)
    • 8 oz (psd format only)
    • 24 oz PSD/PDF

  • Open the template in Photoshop, or Photoshop Elements, or your preferred graphics program.
  • Copy the graphic you want to place in the template to your clipboard. I advise that the graphic to be pasted into the template be at least 1650×1275 in size, unless you plan on using a smaller graphic on a colored background.
  • Then, you need to select all of the white part of the template using the magic wand tool, and then do a "paste into" (found in the edit menu) to insert the picture you want to put on the template. After you do this you can tweak the postion of the graphic, and change the size if it’s needed.
  • After you’re happy with everything, save the template as a jpg. Make sure you do not overwrite the original template file, so you can use it again. If you accidentally do you can always just download a fresh copy here.
  • Next, print out your insert using a color printer with high quality, letter sized (8.5 x 11″) photo paper for the best results.
  • Carefully cut the insert from the page… Be sure to cut exactly on the boarder of the picture, and the white background. Do not leave any of the white background behind, as it will be seen when you put your insert in the tumbler.
  • Unscrew the bottom of the tumbler, pull out the insert that comes with it, and replace it with the one you made, then screw the bottom back on tightly. Et voilà… You’re done!

Here are all the custom templates I have created so far, now broken out into separate categories for your browsing ease… These are all for the older 16 oz tumbler. Check back occasionally, because I do go on template making binges, so you never know when I’ll post new ones. Enjoy!

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108 thoughts on “Untitled

  • Dave says:

    Thanks very much for these! I used the vertical stripes one and pasted things onto it for a present and it worked fantastically. Keep it up 🙂

  • Xandra says:

    I really love it! had this tumbler for years, just want to share my work


    p.s. that’s Kwon BoA, a Korean artist who can also can speak and sing English and Japanese 🙂

  • Joanna says:

    Hi! 🙂 I just sent you an e-mail, as another page on the tumblers I pulled up said, “Comments closed.”

    I received the create-a-tumbler around the time they came out. I never really used it because I wasn’t a coffee fan. Now that I’m a Starbucks fanatic, I pulled the tumbler out of the overcrowded water bottle/tumbler cabinet in the kitchen.

    I tried to find designs on the Starbucks web page, but I later learned the product’s been discontinued. (Why? So many people liked it!) So I did a search and found you and your creative designs. It was a cinch adjusting it in Mac Preview and printing it out.

    Love the Apple designs! Swedish Chef will now be joining me on my Starbucks visits, at least until I change my mind and use another one of your designs.


    PS: For those of you who are like me and don’t have Adobe Photoshop for Mac, I merely saved a design, opened it in Preview, went to “tools” and “adjust size,” then used the 1280 x 1024 preset. I printed it out, cut out the design and it slid into the tumbler easily.

  • Clar says:

    Hey I’m from the Philippines and I can’t search for a 12 oz starbucks template on google. I’m really having a hard time to estimate the size of the template for my tumbler. hope you could do a 12 oz template. thanks :mrgreen:

  • arel says:

    hai, thank you for the information :mrgreen:

    i want to ask u about how to “Copy the graphic you want to place in the template to your clipboard”

    can u tell how to do that? thanks for ur help!

  • Marc says:

    I just wanted to add that I recently worked on a tumbler design where I tried to correct the distortion that occurs when you wrap the image around the cone shape. I overcame that using GIMP and have documented the process here.

    You have a really nice selection of templates here — I think applying this process (or the isomorphic one in Inkscape) could make it even better!


  • KB says:

    Thanks Marc. I’m so glad there’s someone that understands why Inkscape and Gimp are important. Most non-professionals just don’t have access to Photoshop due to cost. Let’s open things up and let everybody try this! Also some people might get a big surprise at the result if they don’t know about the cone distortion. Grreat work in Gimp on that. Thanks. I’ve put a 2005 12oz tumbler template in SVG format on my blog. You can download the SVG and make your own. It includes a tranparent overlay of areas that get lost in overlaps and the screw-on bottom.

  • Benj says:

    Can you please give me the link for the 12oz template

    thanks in advance

  • April says:

    Can you post something for The Beatles…I’m a big fan. Thank you so much…really love your work

  • Christina says:

    I have a little question:
    I want to buy a new tumbler from starbucks.
    Can i use these finished cutom templates or are they just for the smaller older tumblers?


  • francesca says:

    hi! ive got a question. may i know the size of the template? in Cetimeters? thanks!

  • Lisa says:

    If you resize the template to 1100×850 you get the right size for the 12 oz tumbler. 😉

  • Francisco says:

    Buenisimaaa! muchisimas gracias! buscaba y buscaba hasta que lo encontre!!! (: !

  • Lan Yingjie says:

    Hello there! You’ve got great designs and I love them! I was wondering though, how do I tell if my tumbler is the old or new one? I’ve measured the insert that came with it, the length is 25cm or so and the height is about 17cm!

  • noah salvi says:

    hey so i have one of the new tumblers but there is no dieline, can you make one?

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