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on monday evening we put our bid in for the we went to see earlier in the day, and today we heard that it has been accepted!!! now , all we're waiting on is the home inspection, and then we can move forward to the closing. It looks like the closing will be around mid September, and we plan to move in shortly afterward. We are both really excited about this, and can hardly wait for the day when we are in our very own home. Thankfully, the house is vacant, and everything has been freshly painted, so there isn't anything standing in our way.

I just have to start packing everything, find someone to move us, etc. Then I will have to call all the utilities, and have them either turned on, or put in our name when the time comes. That will be shitloads of fun. Plus, DirecTv needs to come and install a dish, so I can continue my Tivo addiction. Then there's all the fun I'm going to have getting home insurance [] quotes. *sigh* At least I didn't have to look at 50 million homes to find the one I wanted, though I did look at over 100 of them online last weekend.

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