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The Life & Times Of The Shaffer Family


Oh, Boy!!!

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Cue The Intro Music… Again.

Well, it’s about 5 ½ months until Morgan’s 14th birthday, and he’s 5′ 11 ¼" tall already!!! It looks like he’s going to be taller than Pookey when he finally finishes growing. We’re doomed. ;D I did an earlier picture like the one above of all of us Simpsonized, in November 2010, when Morgan was […]


Santa Morgan…

Morgan’s teacher sent us this picture of him at school, and I dressed it up a bit… He’s wearing his sunglasses, and his pair of acoustic ear muffs, as well as a borrowed santa hat. The sunglasses are worn because he likes them, and the ear muffs so loud noises won’t bother him. He frequently […]

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The Funny Side Of Autism…

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