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A Return, And A Rant…

Well, Leonardo, Dylan, Lorelei, Chuckles, Ebon, and Phoebe have all been spayed/neutered… Thank the Gods! Pookey picked them up last night, and didn’t return home with them until a little after 10 pm. They were a bit wobbly at first, but actually tolerated the surgery better than Nero, Tiberius, Marcus, and Maia, did at the […]

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Return To Catnip Mountain…

Chuckles, Phoebe, Lorelei, Ebon, Dylan, and Leonardo, will be visiting "Catnip Mountain" very, very soon… They should have gone at the end of November, but the funds that we set aside for their trip were unhappily used up when Augustus got sick, and Yule didn’t give us a chance to catch our breath. Right now, […]

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Catnip Mountain…

Early Thursday Morning… Pookey: Hey Tiberius, Nero, Mia, and Marcus, do you all want to go to Catnip Mountain? Kittens: Catnip Mountain?! Yes!!! *Pookey bundles each kitten into their own cat carrier, and loads them in the car, for the trip to Catnip Mountain. Hours later we see the four kittens moaning, and groaning, in […]

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Worry, Worry, Worry…

It’s been a looooooong worrisome weekend… Pookey had to bring Tibee to the Collin County Emergency Veterinary Clinic on Saturday morning. I was up all of Friday night with him trying to get enough homemade pedialyte into him because I had noticed he was very dehydrated. I got 12 ounces in him, and he kept […]

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