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Cat brusshing its teeth It’s finally happening… JuJu is starting to lose his baby teeth!!! Today I noticed that his adult canines are starting to come down, and they will soon push his baby teeth out. He’s also losing some of his insisors, and I’m sure his molars will soon follow. The funny thing about a cat losing its baby teeth is that you never find them lying around… They must get sucked into the same dimension that lost socks get sucked into, or else the cat just swallows them. Who knows? I’m just glad to see his his baby teeth go since they are waaaaaay too sharp, and he has a fetish for attacking and biting feet. *sigh* The things I have to put up with!



Yes, that’s Julius (aka "JuJu") biting my big toe while I was trying to get some decent pictures of him. He’ll be 5 months old at the end of the month, and he continues to grow like a proverbial weed. I cannot wait until he starts loosing his baby teeth, as they are way too […]



Our new kitten finally has a name! Julius, or Jules/Jude for short. I know, I know… He’s orange, and his name is Julius, but the name fits him. It took a while to find his name, and I compiled a list of the top 12 names I liked. They are/were:

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My New Pussy!!!

Now that I have your attention, I’d like to tell you about the kitten we just adopted from KittiCo Cat Rescue. *lol* I finally got enough emotional distance from Christopher’s death, in early February, to feel up to getting a new cat, so I went to a mobile adoption that KittiCo (the same organization I adopted Augustus from) had yesterday, and was able to find a cat I wanted to adopt. It was a big surprise to me that I ended up with another orange/marmalade cat, since I was looking to adopt one of a different color, but this little guy snagged my heart from the get go. I was utterly doomed when I asked to hold him, and he started purring like a maniac, played with me for a while, then fell asleep in my arms.

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