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[Stop Infant Circumcision!!] My views on medically unnecessary infant/child circumcision are pretty much set in stone, but I feel the need to clarify my feelings about parents who, in the past, have had their son(s) circumcised.

Firstly, it totally depends on whether they knew the harm they were doing to their child. Sadly, most parents are not told the truth about what circumcision entails, and the detrimental effects it has on the penis. Many parents just assume that circumcision is something that happens to every baby boy. Kind of like baby boy = circumcision. This is especially true if the father, himself, is also circumcised.

This misconception is compounded by the highhanded attitude of doctors when they unlawfully approach the parents of boys, and ask them if they want their son circumcised. They also create the false impression that circumcision is good by whitewashing what it entails when they tell parents that it’s just "a little snip", equating it to something like cutting the umbilical cord. It’s not. Circumcision is a full-blown surgical procedure with all the inherent risks all surgeries have. Up to, and including, the death of the child. They also regularly cite circumcision’s unproven benefits, never telling parents that NO MEDICAL ORGANIZATION IN THE WORLD supports, or recommends, routine circumcision for newborn boys. I find this shameful.

When Morgan was born, I was personally asked by two different doctors, from the obstetrician practice I saw while pregnant, about whether I wanted him circumcised… All without bringing up the subject myself. If Pookey & I had been like many parents today, totally ignorant about the harm circumcision brings, then we might have made a mistake and said yes. Thankfully for Morgan, that was not the case.

My best friend has two sons. The eldest is in his early 20’s, and the younger is Morgan’s age. The older one is circumcised, and the younger one isn’t. Why? Simply put, she knew more about circumcision the second time around to make a truly informed decision, and she chose to leave her youngest son whole. After talking with her about it at length, she wishes she had known more when her eldest son was born, then she would have never had him circumcised. She doesn’t beat herself up over that fact though, as there is nothing she can do about it now. I respect that.

So, if parents are (or were) truly ignorant about circumcision, then I can’t hold them responsible. Not really. A lot of parents have found out the facts too late, and if they had known then, what they know now, they would have never allowed their son to be circumcised. I just feel sorrow for those parents, but I feel the most for their son who had no real choice but to submit to, and survive through, an experience I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy.

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