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It’s Raining Cats… Again.

Well… On the 19th of June, Juno, the feral cat that hangs around my backyard, had her third litter of kittens. *sighs* I guess she went into heat almost immediately after I had rescued Tiberius, Nero, Mia, and Marcus from feraldom. By the time I caught my breathe, after taking on four 6-7 week old […]

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Thirteen More To Go!!!

Well… One of the feral cats I regularly feed had her second litter of kittens, in early March, and so I waited until they were old enough to be away from their mother, but young enough to still be socialized easily. That time turned out to be on Sunday night, when I noticed that she […]

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Minerva & Tiberius…

Minerva (gray and white) & Tiberius (black and white) are thriving very nicely… And growing like weeds, weeds with voracious appetites. Tiberius has been eating kitten food, and nursing a little, but Minerva continues to mainly nurse. She’s just starting to eat the kitten food, so that’s a good sign that the weaning process has […]

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Cats, Cats, And More Cats…

We’ve had an interesting week so far… On Sunday, Pookey was doing yard work out back, and discovered a small kitten near the bushes beside our shed in the rear of our yard. On closer inspection, he found another kitten hiding within the bushes nearby. We looked around for more, but didn’t see any. It […]

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