Northern Mockingbird...

I finally discovered the identity of the crazy bird that lives in the dwarf tree in my backyard!!! It’s a Northern Mockingbird. I’d caught glimpses of this kind of bird before, but never up close, or for long periods of time. Before moving to Texas in October 2001, I’d never actually seen one of these in person. I mostly had pigeons, and sparrows, coming to my bird feeders in New Hampshire. Just city birds.

The reason why I refer to the Northern Mockingbird as a "crazy bird" is that it has this weird behavior of half extending its wings to flash the white banding on it, closing them, then running a few steps ahead, and doing it again. Not to mention their occasional hours long jam sessions they have in the middle of the night.

Though the most amusing thing it does is that it regularly eats the dry cat food I have out for the feral cats that live in my backyard. My indoor cats do a lot of birdwatching at the glass door that leads out to my backyard, so they go apeshit when the mockingbird does this, since the feeder is on a dining table I have out on my covered patio, and they have a great view of it. (I ended up having to put the feeder on the table, and moving the chairs from it, because of the possums who seem to like dry cat food as well. :P) Thankfully the feral cats don’t seem to be so fascinated by this behavior.

Even though I now know its real name, I think, I’ll still refer to it as the crazy bird… :D

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