One of my pet peeves concerning individuals with autism is addressed in this video, and the host explains it quite well… IQ testing. Just because someone scores low on the test, especially if they’re not an ideal test subject as a lot of individuals with autism are, doesn’t mean they’re not smart. The schools need to stop trying to hammer a square peg through a round hole, and figure out a new way to gauge intelligence in individuals that don’t "test" well.

I KNOW my son is extremely smart, but because he scored low on the school’s IQ test his teachers end up underestimating him, and it gets them in trouble. Trouble that can put my son in jeopardy because he doesn’t have the capacity to fully understand what’s dangerous, and what’s not. He just knows he wants to do whatever he wants to do, and he fails to comprehend the full ramifications of his actions.

Basically, Morgan is lacking in WISDOM, not INTELLIGENCE. Unfortunately it takes Morgan’s teachers a while to figure that out for themselves because of their preconceived notions based on that stupid IQ test. And before you ask, yes, we do warn all of his new teachers that Morgan is smart, and is usually two steps ahead of everyone, beforehand, but what would we know, we’re just his parents. *rolls her eyes, and sighs*

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