First Generation iPad...

With the Second Generation iPad coming out Pookey, and I, finally broke down, and bought ourselves one… First, we had to decide whether to get a first, or a second, generation one, so went to the Apple store to see for ourselves what the first generation iPad had to offer. We compared the differences between the two – the second generation iPad was faster, thinner, lighter, and had a built-in camera – with the fact that we considered the first generation one more than fast enough for us, and would do all the stuff we wanted to do on it quite nicely. Plus, that there has recently been a considerable drop on the first generation iPad’s price convinced us it was the one to buy.

So after we returned home from the Apple Store I began my search online for the one we would ultimately buy. New, or Used? 16 GB, 32 GB, or 64 GB? Decisions, decisions. I figured we should get the 64 GB one. Why not? If you’re going to spend the money on an expensive piece of electronics then get the top of the line one.

The price for a new first generation iPad from the Apple Store cost $635.43, not including the $79 iPad AppleCare Protection Plan. $48.43 of that price was just from taxes. Yuck. So on to Amazon.com I went, where I discovered the 64 GB iPad cost about $100 less new, and $200 less used.

I figured I should also check out ebay.com while I was at it, and while looking through the listings I found a used 64 GB iPad, in excellent condition with no dings/scratches, with a starting bid of $390, and a buy it now asking price of $450. It had a little over 2 hours left on the auction, and no one had bid on it yet. Unfortunately, as the time ticked down, it didn’t stay at zero bids, but I was able to still win the auction with a winning bid of $442. Not too shabby.

So we finally got our 64 GB iPad, and now are just waiting to receive it, which should be sometime next week. We plan to use it mostly in the living room on web browsing, tweeting, or facebooking. It’s going to be so sweet when it finally gets here. I can’t wait! :)

First Generation iPad...

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