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Well, after 4 years of it slipping my mind, dragging my feet, et cetera, I finally had a long overdue eye exam yesterday… It turns out that just shy of my 43rd birthday I have graduated from single vision, to progressive, lenses in my eyeglasses. My prescription got slightly stronger, but not overly so, otherwise I would have been forced to go to the optometrist sooner. Still, after wearing my new glasses for almost a full day I’m glad I finally went. Street signs are no longer blurry, and I can read them from farther away now.

My eyesight is mostly myopic with a mild, newly developed hyperopia now. The myopia isn’t terribly bad, though I do need corrective lenses to drive. I guess I could drive without them in an emergency, but everything would be blurry, and I wouldn’t want to. I definitely wouldn’t be able to read any road signs. lol.

I’ve worn single vision lens glasses for about 21 years now, so it’s going to take a bit of time for me to get used to these new progressive lenses. It’s a little freaky wearing them, but my vision is definitely improved.

Also, because I’m diabetic, they took fundus photographs of the interior surface of my eyes, so I got to skip the dilated fundus examination. Yaaay! Thankfully, everything in my eyes looked wonderful. I had two glaucoma tests, and they both came back negative. One with the nasty puff of air, and another where you just looked into an instrument at a red dot. I hate that puff of air one, as I always dread the puff, and end up blinking my eye, so it has to be done multiple times. :P

I took the opportunity while I was there to be fitted for contact lenses… Not that I’ll be wearing them everyday, just occasionally. It’s been YEARS (7ish years I think… But don’t quote me on it. lol.) since I had contacts. They didn’t even have toric contact lenses for my slight astigmatism back then. The doctor prescribed me Bausch & Lomb: SofLens daily disposables. They’re pretty neat, you just toss them in the trash at the end of the day, so you don’t have to worry about keeping them clean, or storing them for extended periods of time between uses. Surprisingly they don’t cost a lot either. I’ve found them online for $34.99, per eye, for a 90 day supply of them. Nice!

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