Leonardo,  Dylan,  Lorelei,  Chuckles,  Ebon,  And Phoebe...

Well, Leonardo, Dylan, Lorelei, Chuckles, Ebon, and Phoebe have all been spayed/neutered… Thank the Gods! Pookey picked them up last night, and didn’t return home with them until a little after 10 pm. They were a bit wobbly at first, but actually tolerated the surgery better than Nero, Tiberius, Marcus, and Maia, did at the beginning of August. Those four were HUGE SURLY BITCHES when they came home from being spayed/neutered.

This is the last of Juno’s kittens, and since she was spayed at the end of August, we won’t have to take any more cats to the clinic for the foreseeable future. *KNOCK ON WOOD*

Now I just have to wait until all the sex hormones work their way completely out of the kittens’ systems, but that shouldn’t take too long. Though they don’t really seem that interested in those kind of shenanigans anymore, just in recovering from their surgeries. The boys especially were funny last night; they wandered around the house a little drunkenly, looking like they were all searching for their missing testicles. lol.

Thankfully, they’re all back to being themselves, though the girls are taking it easier than the boys are. Not that I blame them. Their surgeries were a little more invasive than the boys’ were. Still, I’m very pleased with how much they’ve all recovered already, but I’m far more pleased that there won’t be any more damned kittens!!!   :D



We’ve had THIRTEEN cats spayed/neutered, at Kittico’s clinic in the last FOURTEEN months… Costing us well over $700. TWELVE of the cats were the kittens of Juno, the feral cat that I care for who hangs out in my back yard, and Juno herself was the THIRTEENTH.

Not to mention the $2k+ we had to spend at the Vet’s when Tiberius (The First) contracted Panleukopenia (Feline Distemper) when he was exposed to the disease at the clinic. (Yes, I learned my lesson from that… All the kittens that went to the clinic after that had ALL their shots, and time enough between the last of them to be sure they were fully protected. Though from what Pookey told me, the clinic now has a Panleukopenia outbreak protocol, which it didn’t have when Tiberius, and Minerva, went there in early December 2009. At least something good came from my first Tibee’s death.)

So I ask, why did someone feel the need to put this snarky-assed sticker on the page protector, attached to all of my kittens’ carriers, that held the clinic’s paperwork?! And, yes, all six stickers had "absorb" highlighted. *rolls her eyes*

Snarky Kittico Sticker...

WTF?! Every other time I’ve sent cats to the clinic I HAVE included a towel in each of their carriers. You know how they all came home dear reader? EVERY DAMNED TIME the towel was completely clean, and newspapers were placed on top of it by someone at the clinic. So, this time, because I figured that it’s just a complete waste of time, and effort, to put towels in the carriers, I receive this snarky-assed sticker. Nice.

This is especially insulting: "It’s the HUMANE thing to do!" *mutters angrily* Evidently because I didn’t put a towel, newspaper, or other absorbant bedding into the cats’ carriers that makes me cruel, barbaric, and lacking in compassion, and mercy. So, it’s cancelled out the fact that I’ve:

  • Rescued 12 kittens that I knew would be doomed, to the miserable life of a feral cat, if I did nothing.
  • Trapped, spayed, and released the feral female cat who had given birth to all of those 12 kittens. A cat that would have basically continued to have litter, after litter, until the end of her life.
  • Fed, watered, and given up the active use of my storage shed to make sure the FOUR feral cats that hang around my back yard have a place to get shelter in inclement weather.
  • Spent countless hours, from June 2005 – April 2007, on creating, and maintaining a website for an organization dedicated to helping stray, and feral, cats. The same organization whose clinic worker thought it would be "helpful" to put a snarky-assed sticker on the clinic’s paperwork page protector.

So the next time you want to put this snarky-assed sticker on the clinic paperwork page protector, just roll your eyes, and sigh, or whatever you do when you’re peeved, and DON’T put the damned sticker on. OK?

It’s disrespectful to all the people who are being responsible cat owners/guardians, and have brought their cats to the clinic to get them spayed, or neutered. People who are at the clinic because they want to help, in any little way they can, to lessen the suffering that pet over-population brings with it. People who are spending their hard earned money to do this at a time when money is tight. People who are just as committed as you to caring for animals, so give them a break, and stop chastising them like a child for any minor mistake you may think they’ve made.


*takes a deep, cleansing breath*

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3 thoughts on “Untitled

  • You are an awesome person helping all those kitties!! I’m a cat person, but we only have one. Thank you for helping all those sweet animals!!

    • Ash says:

      Thanks, I don’t do it to get pats on the back… I do it because the thought of an animal suffering brings me great emotional pain. It just drives me crazy, and I can practically think of nothing but the animal until I can go rescue it. My husband is a wonderful man for never complaining about this.

      I didn’t even realize Juno was stray/borderline feral, or pregnant, with her first litter back then… It was only after my husband discovered Tiberius (The first), and Minerva, in the backyard near our shed that I knew anything about her having kittens. Thankfully he hadn’t gotten around to the lawnmowing part of the yard work before he found them.

  • Ash says:

    PS: Unfortunately, this kind of nasty attitude, by spay/neuter clinic workers, can discourage others who are not as committed to helping animals as I am. Sad.