Catnip Mountain

Chuckles, Phoebe, Lorelei, Ebon, Dylan, and Leonardo, will be visiting "Catnip Mountain" very, very soon… They should have gone at the end of November, but the funds that we set aside for their trip were unhappily used up when Augustus got sick, and Yule didn’t give us a chance to catch our breath.

Right now, we have six six-month-old kittens hitting puberty. *sighs* The girls have these "new" feelings, and the boys are sniffing around, and bothering, them. Luckily they don’t know how to do anything yet, but that won’t last for long, and thankfully things will be taken care of before they figure it out. Still, it’s driving me batshit. I’m just glad that it only happens occasionally, otherwise I’d have to lodge the girls in my walk in closet until I could get them all spayed, and neutered.

Fortunately these are the LAST of the kittens Juno had, before I got her spayed, so there will be no more trips to Catnip Mountain after this one. This Thursday (1/6) is the date of the kittens’ departure, and I’m sure they’re all going to have shitloads of fun. ;)

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