Catnip Mountain

Early Thursday Morning…

Pookey: Hey Tiberius, Nero, Mia, and Marcus, do you all want to go to Catnip Mountain?

Kittens: Catnip Mountain?! Yes!!!

*Pookey bundles each kitten into their own cat carrier, and loads them in the car, for the trip to Catnip Mountain. Hours later we see the four kittens moaning, and groaning, in their carriers.*

Tiberius: Oh, Gods. What happened? Aw! They took my freakin’ balls!

:mrgreen: 😉 :mrgreen:

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One thought on “Untitled

  • Ash says:

    Yeah, the kittens weren’t happy they got tricked… Thursday night was difficult. Lots of growling, and hissing. Thankfully by Friday they were mostly back to being themselves.