I’ve made up some more custom Starbucks “Create Your Own Tumbler” inserts, and have a whole new category of them that turned out beautifully… I can’t seem to stop making them.


😉 :mrgreen: 😉

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2 thoughts on “Untitled

  • Sahbadabadoo says:

    Hey Ash!
    Nice tumblers! Im pretty impressed.
    I wanted to make one for my gf as a gift, but Im definitely not tech savvy with photoshop…

    i downloaded Photoshop Elements and I can open up the template, but I want to put a picture on the tumbler but basically have it fill up the entire template, not just a rectangular picture surrounded by white space…help!!!

    How do I make it fill up the void? or How can i stretch out the picture I copy into the template to fill up the space and curve with the edges? Kind of like that tiger tumbler you have,,,or the funky neon color tumblers you have?

  • Ash says:

    Follow the directions for creating the insert, then after you’ve pasted the picture into the template choose the “move tool”, and then adjust the size of it at the corners til it fills the entire space. Make sure you resize it at the corners, and see the diagonal arrows to keep the proportions of the image the same, or it will stretch out, and not look right. Good luck!