Trick-or-treaters Halloween went very well at our house. We got more trick-or-treaters last night than we ever got in the entire 5 years at our apartment… I am NOT kidding. The 3 flights of stairs you had to climb to get to our apartment might have something to do with that, but I always made sure I posted a sign down at the bottom of the stairs, every year, just to let them know we were giving out candy. Still, for such a decently sized apartment complex they didn’t have a lot of people handing out candy anyway, especially last year. Stingy bastards. I am so glad not to still be living there! *happy sigh*

I was amazed that there are still people who do not go out with their elementary school aged children while they trick-or-treat. In this day, and age, kids need the protection an adult gives. It’s too easy for some sicko to grab a kid in the chaos that halloween generates. Too true. Though, thankfully there weren’t any reports of any abductions.

Morgan had a good time going out with Pookey, though Pookey got a little alarmed when Morgan was giving him a hard time about walking back home, and a cop stopped her car near them. He thought she was going to accuse him of kidnapping Morgan, or something, but all she wanted to do was give Morgan some candy. *lol* Morgan asked her to turn on her lights and siren, and she was nice enough to do so. I think Morgan was surprised by how loud it was, because he was talking about how it hurt his ears when Pookey was telling me about how Morgan’s trick-or-treating experience went. Of course Morgan wanted to go inside everyone’s house, and they all thought it was so cute. It had quickly ceased to be amusing for Pookey by the 3rd, or 4th, time. Soon enough, they came back, and Morgan had a decent haul of candy, though it seems like more people were handing out hard candy, instead of the chocolate kind. Oh well, at least we have some of our chocolate candy left over. Yum!

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