October 26th, 2006


Happy Birthday To You!!!
Happy Birthday To You!!!
Happy Birthday Dear Morgan!!!
Happy Birthday To You!!!

Lots of love,

Mom & Dad

It really boggles my mind that it’s been 8 whole years since the miracle of Morgan came into our lives. That eight years ago today I had just delivered my first (and currently only) born, and was, by this time, recovering from the accomplishment. I still remember, with perfect clarity, how happy I was to have our child safely delivered. That my yearning for a child of my own had, after 5 looong years of infertility treatments, finally been satisfied. *happy sigh* These are the thoughts that keep me from going stark-raving mad when he has asked for something for the millionth time, or is screaming his frustration at the top of his lungs. Otherwise he would have never made it to his eighth birthday today.


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