October 12th, 2006


Birthday Cake Morgan’s 8th birthday is fast approaching, and he has his heart set on having a birthday party. Really, really set on one. To the extent that he’s driving us crazy talking about it… I’m surprised that we haven’t gone totally bonkers by now by his incessant talk about it. We just have to keep assuring him that it’s coming up soon, since that seems to stop him talking about it for a few minutes.

I thought it would be great to celebrate it at school, with all of his friends from his structured classroom, so I emailed his teacher to ask if this was possible, and she said yes. Now we just need to get everything for it together, but thankfully we have 2 weeks to do so. The theme for the party will be Spiderman, since that’s his favorite character right now. I just hope it all goes well. *knock on wood*

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