September, 2006


Pile of boxes I admit it, I’m not one of those people who feel driven to unpack everything as soon as they’re moved in. Especially when there are other things that need to be done like installing new door knobs, locks, lighted doorbell buttons, putting together the stero, etc. Unpacking, for me, has always taken a backseat to stuff like that. My philosophy is that the unpacking of boxes will get done soon enough, so there’s no need to get anal about it.

So, things are slowly coming together nicely, and we are enjoying being in our own home. It’s so nice not to have to put up with the things that you have to put up with when you live in an apartment. The lack of noise from neighbors was strange at first, but it was something I got used to quickly. Plus, the fact that we no longer have to speak to Morgan about not running, jumping, and 5 million other things a 7 (soon to be 8!) year old boy does is wonderful as well. (Though there are times when he still becomes too loud for even us to bear!) Also the fact that we no longer have to get permission to have anything (like our Directv service) installed is pure heaven. All these little things add up to a lot of good feelings that can only come when you own your own place. *happy sigh*


! Moving always sucks, but our move on Saturday seemed to rise to a level of suckiness that I haven’t seen in over 15 (or is it 16 or 17?) years. *sigh* To begin with, the day dawned hot & humid, with temperatures reaching the mid to upper 90’s by early afternoon. Then the movers first job was rescheduled to a different day, and their boss took it upon himself to send them 2+ hours ahead of time. *sigh* Anyone familiar with moving knows there are always last minute items that need to be packed, and other stuff that needs doing. Like taking apart beds, getting in the shower, etc. Plus, we had run out of boxes the night before, and Pookey was planning to get some more before the movers were scheduled to arrive. No dice. He had to go get them while the movers began the move. *sigh* So, for most of the morning, while the three movers loaded our stuff into the moving van, we feverishly packed up the remaining items. It was a hot, sweaty, and tiring time. Unfortunately we had too much stuff for the mid-sized (about the size of a medium u-haul) moving van they brought, so it took two trips, instead of the one we were all expecting, to move all of our things. Thankfully we were paying them a flat rate, instead of an hourly one, otherwise it would have cost us double the price we ended up paying. To make a loooooong story short, it took the majority of the day to get us all moved, and by the time it was done everyone was tired to the bone.

As soon as the movers took their leave, I shucked my clothes, and headed for the pool. It was pure heaven!!! That 9′ privacy fence we have around our backyard is a godsend! Morgan joined me in the pool, but got scared, decided he wanted out of the pool, and kept his distance from it for a few days. He hasn’t actually gotten into it again, but then we had a cold front come through the area on Monday, and it hasn’t been warm enough to swim most of the week. Today was the first day this week that the temperature has finally gotten warm enough to even contemplate swimming. Tomorrow should be even better. Morgan has once again decided he wants to get into the pool, so we’ll see what tomorrow (he has a day off from school) brings.

We spent our first night in our new home surrounded by boxes, and woke to aching muscles Sunday morning. It felt like someone had beaten the bottoms of my feet, and the backs of my calves with a bamboo cane, or something. Pookey wasn’t in much better shape than me either. We hobbled around the house like two elderly people, and managed to visit the apartment to pick up a few odds and ends that were left there. This week has been an endless procession of full boxes that need to be emptied, and figuring out where to put everything. Still, we are so happy to finally be in our own home, and that makes all the pain we went through worth it.

We still need to clean the apartment… *sigh* And have planned to do so this coming weekend. Hopefully it won’t take us too long, and then we can close that chapter of our lives, and begin a new one here.


Deborah Johnson

Deborah Johnson
Real Estate Consultant

DFW Real Estate Group, Inc

We’d like to send out an extra special thanks to our realtor, Deborah Johnson, for all the wonderful help she gave us throughout the home buying process. No issue was ever too small to contact her about, and she dealt with it all with friendly professionalism. Her dedication to making sure we were happy made a stressful time much more bearable than it would otherwise have been. We highly recommend her to anyone looking to buy, or sell, a home.

Contact her at:

DFW Real Estate Dallas, LLC
17177 Preston Rd. Suite 160
Dallas, TX 75248

Toll Free: (800) 968-5686 Ext. 213
Office: (972) 690-9500 Ext. 213


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