Christopher In the early hours this morning Christopher passed away peacefully in his sleep. He was a little over a month away from his 17th birthday, and his health/body had been in decline for the past few years, so this wasn’t too surprising. Even so, it’s hard to say goodbye to a cat that’s been part of our family for so long. We’re going to be getting his remains cremated, and will be placing his ashes in the same urn that Bull’s & Tasmyn’s are in. I just have to get around to creating a memorial web page for Christopher soon. Now, my “Here be Cats” page currently has more dead, than live, cats listed on it. *sigh*

It’s almost like it’s the end of an era, since Christopher was the last of the cats I originally had when I married Pookey. However, all of those cats were never quite comfortable with being around Morgan, since they were in a childless household for so long, and that was unfortunate since he wanted to interact with them so much. Thankfully because we got Gus as a kitten that was never a problem, and we plan on adopting (from KittiCo, of course!) another young cat as well. We’ll probably do that in the next few weeks. We just need to get some emotional space between us, and Christopher’s death before we do.

Goodbye Christopher, you were a good cat, and were well loved by us all.

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