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Create Your Own…

Update: All my custom Starbucks “Create Your Own Tumbler” inserts are now on their own page… Including the “How To” instructions I wrote up so you can create your own custom insert.


Starbucks Create Your Own Tumbler

Another idea I’m stealing borrowing (Yeah… That’s the ticket!) from TJ of is to create your own custom insert for the Starbucks “Create Your Own Memory” Coffee Tumbler… I had loads of fun creating my own inserts, and will probably make up a lot more. Starbucks also offers 9 ready made inserts available for download here at their website.

All you need to do to make your own insert is:

  • Purchase a Starbucks “Create Your Own Tumbler” at, or on ebay.
  • Download the template for the older 16 oz tumbler (psd format only), and create your own insert with it… The possibilities are endless!
  • Print out your insert using a color printer with high quality photo paper for the best results.
  • Carefully cut the insert from the page… Be sure to cut exactly on the boarder of the picture, and the white background. Do not leave any of the white background behind, as it will be seen when you put your insert in the tumbler.
  • Unscrew the bottom of the tumbler, pull out the insert that comes with it, and replace it with the one you made, then screw the bottom back on tightly. Et voilà… You’re done!

I’ve done up three of my own so far:

Mascot Tumbler InsertMorgan Tumbler InsertApple Tumbler Insert


Please Note: All the Starbucks Templates on my blog have their own category now, so go there to view all the posts in it.

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28 thoughts on “Create Your Own…

  • Kirsten says:

    Thanks for the tumbler template. I just printed up my business postcard as a tumbler template. You made life a little easier for me!

  • Stephanie says:

    I have the template as a psd file. I think I am brain dead at the moment. How do I customize it? Does it have to be done in photoshop? I am using a MacBook. thanks in advance for the tips

  • Meg says:

    When I use the link for the tumbler template I get just a blank page. Thoughts? Is this all I’m supposed to be getting? Thanks!!

  • Ash says:

    To download the tumbler template right click on the link, and choose the “save link as” option…

    Right now the template is only available as a psd file, which requires Adobe Photoshop, or their much cheaper Photoshop Elements (I highly recommend this program!) to open. I could save it as a .gif, but I think that the quality of the printed template would turn out poorly.

  • Monsen says:

    Thank you for sharing! It´ll be much easier now to create the mug!

  • CAC says:

    i searched this online for awhile until i found this template. i was able to open it in photoshop, but is there anyway to add more than just one big picture. i’ve never used photoshop before hehe….

  • Ash says:

    What you need to do is to select all of the white part of the template using the magic wand tool, and then do a “paste into” (found in the edit menu) to insert the picture you want to put on the template. For placing multiple pictures on the template there are two ways to do this:

    1. Do what I suggested above, moving each picture into position manually using the move tool, as you fill up the template.


    2. Make a separate graphic up, creating a collage of your pictures, then flatten the image, and selecting the entire graphic, and then do a “paste into” the template, then tweak the position of it.

    Good luck!

  • sabinas says:

    i purchased this tumbler, and instead put in paper noxflakes that i made by had. i recently put a hot drink in it and the snowflakes got all wet and broke. they are now stuck in the tumbler at the top how do i take them out???????????

  • xan says:

    thank you so much for your instructions and the blank template! i was looking for a while and finally found your page. all i need to know is, how big are your tumblers? because i´m from germany and i think we have different sizes. here i can only by a 12 oz one.

    greets and thanx again!

  • Ash says:

    The template is for the large 16 oz Create Your Own Tumbler… This template, the image down sized, should fit the smaller 12 oz one. Color the printable part of the template black, and progressively make the image size smaller, printing them out with regular paper on a laser printer, until you hit upon the correct size for the 12 oz one. Make sure you constrain the proportions of the image as you make it smaller so it’s proportional. If you do this, and are successful, please let me know what the template size needs to be, and I’ll make the 12 oz template available for people to download here.

    Good luck!

  • Tammy says:

    I just downloaded this template and I compared the size of this template to the insert in my Starbucks tumbler and the insert in the tumbler is larger by about 1/4 to 1/2 all the way around than your template so now I’m working in photoshop to make it big enough to match the original insert.

  • Sue B. says:

    I am desperate for the Create Your Own Tumbler template for the 16 oz tumblers. After printing off a number of copies, I realize I had the wrong size – it was for the 12 oz. Thanks.

  • Ash says:


    The templates/inserts I offer are for the older 16 oz tumbler… Unfortunately Starbucks changed the size on their new 16 oz tumbler.

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