Update: All my custom Starbucks “Create Your Own Tumbler” inserts are now on their own page… Including the “How To” instructions I wrote up so you can create your own custom insert.


Starbucks Create Your Own Tumbler

Another idea I’m stealing borrowing (Yeah… That’s the ticket!) from TJ of zazzafooky.com is to create your own custom insert for the Starbucks “Create Your Own Memory” Coffee Tumbler… I had loads of fun creating my own inserts, and will probably make up a lot more. Starbucks also offers 9 ready made inserts available for download here at their website.

All you need to do to make your own insert is:

  • Purchase a Starbucks “Create Your Own Tumbler” at starbucks.com, or on ebay.
  • Download the template for the older 16 oz tumbler (psd format only), and create your own insert with it… The possibilities are endless!
  • Print out your insert using a color printer with high quality photo paper for the best results.
  • Carefully cut the insert from the page… Be sure to cut exactly on the boarder of the picture, and the white background. Do not leave any of the white background behind, as it will be seen when you put your insert in the tumbler.
  • Unscrew the bottom of the tumbler, pull out the insert that comes with it, and replace it with the one you made, then screw the bottom back on tightly. Et voilà… You’re done!

I’ve done up three of my own so far:

Mascot Tumbler InsertMorgan Tumbler InsertApple Tumbler Insert


Please Note: All the Starbucks Templates on my blog have their own category now, so go there to view all the posts in it.

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