Bull: Official Mascot Of The Ash & Pookey Homepage!Hello again! We all survived the move to Plano, Texas in October 2001. Though, why American Airlines would expect Morgan, who was a 2 year old child at the time, to have a picture ID, and then search his diaper bag for contraband, is beyond me. Mindless bureaucracy is stupid, but I guess after 9/11 that’s the direction America seems to be headed in. *sigh* We’ve been here for a little over 3 years now… I’d prefer to be back in NH, but I guess you have to be where the money & the jobs are.

Texas is still freakishly flat in my eyes, but the weather here is much better than NH’s ever was. The winters are similar to late fall in NH, as it seldom goes below 32 degrees, and on the rare occasions we get any amount of snow everything closes down. Pookey & I always stay home then, because even though we know how to drive with snow on the ground, no one else here does. The summers are usually quite hot, but I’m used to the heat by now, and that’s what central air is for! Thunderstorms down here can be quite spectacular, and we get a lot more of them than we did in NH, especially during the summer. The only big downside to the weather here is the possibility of tornados. That was one of the reasons I made sure we bought a decent weather emergency alert radio before we moved down here. It’s better to be safe than sorry!

I especially love the greater variety of birds here in TX. The cardinals are quite beautiful, and we have 2 or 3 mated pairs living in the area. All I usually got at my bird feeder in NH was sparrows, some starlings, and the ever persistent pigeons. I haven’t seen too many pigeons down here, but there are a lot of morning doves. I frequently see ducks, hawks & falcons around my home as well. :)

The job Pookey moved us to TX for only lasted until December 2002, then he got laid off. *sigh* Pookey then started a period (January 2003 – September 2003) of consulting as an Agile admin guru. He worked pretty regularly, and got a chance to travel quite a bit, but being without any of the benefits (i.e. insurance!) you get working for someone else was hard. In September 2003 he was rehired by the company he originally came out here to work for, as a temp, then was made permanent in January 2004. That’s where he currently is.

Morgan, was diagnosed with autism in June 2004. I had an inkling that Morgan’s developmental problems could possibly be autism, but hoped it wasn’t. Pookey, on the other hand, thought he was just severely hyperactive, and so the diagnoses hit him a lot harder.

Though, after much thought (with more logic and a lot less emotion), about it all, we have both come to the realization that he is still the same boy we know and love, and that things could be far worse than what they currently are. Thankfully, he was spared the other medical problems that are so common in children with autism. Morgan is a very intelligent little boy, and any obstacles he encounters can definitely be overcome.

Don’t get me wrong… We still grieve that Morgan has autism and that he’ll have to work harder to achieve things that come easily to other children, but none of our goals/hopes (college, independence, etc.) for him have really changed; just the way we have to go about making them happen.

He started Kindergarten in August 2004, and is in a structured teaching classroom for children with autism. It’s a small class with 4 other children (K-5th), and 3 teachers specially trained in educating children with autism. He is now learning to read, and is doing really well at it. The structured teach classroom is definitely a great place for him to be, and we see him growing with each day he goes. He loves going to school, and particularly enjoys riding on the bus to and from school, as he never had a chance (not for a lack of trying!) to ride on a bus before this year. He definitely has a joy for learning, and we are lucky that Plano has such a great special education team for autism.

Morgan has a great passion for the solar system, or anything having to do with space, and knows all of the planets by heart. I can definitely see him working at NASA when he grows up, though he’ll probably be one of the geeks behind the scene, instead of an astronaut, but who knows! Needless to say, the toys & books we have been getting him lately have all been space related, and he especially prizes his toy space shuttle/booster rocket, as he never goes to school without it.

He has also become quite proficient with the computer… He can log himself in (He has his own personal user account on each of our computers), and loves to surf the internet to visit any space/solar system related site. His favorite, by far, is NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory solar system site. We frequently have to fight to get any computer time of our own! The next Mac we get will definitely be one for Morgan!

Tasmyn passed away on June 13, 2004, due to old age. She was 17, and had a full & happy life. We all miss her. Two weeks after she died we adopted a new cat into our family from KittiCo Cat Rescue. His name is Augustus, and we all call him Gus. He’s a DSH orange tabby, and looks similar to Bull, but his chin/muzzle is whiter. He’ll be a year old at the end of March. I already love him dearly, and he’s become quite a momma’s boy. ;) Christopher will be 16 at the end of March, and has gotten rather frail. I fear he won’t be with us for very long, but he could prove me wrong. He has finally, after 6 + years, gotten used to Morgan. At least he doesn’t automatically run away from Morgan now, but that may just be because he’s so old and doesn’t have the energy to run away anymore.

Well… Remember to go take a look at Pookey’s “Blog Of Doom”. I must be on my way. Take care, be well and remember next time you wave at me use more than one finger please. :-D

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