This has been both a happy and sad time for us all…

First the happy…

On Saturday (1/15) we discovered that Morgan had cut his top left tooth on the sly. The tooth looks like it’s been around for a week or so. He probably cut it around same time he cut his 2nd bottom tooth. So, now we know why he was so cranky!

We are also having to buy 24 month / 2T sized clothes for him now. He grew out of his 12 month stuff 3 1/2 months ago, and now he’s starting to outgrow all of his 18 month/1T sized clothes. Morgan continues to grow like a weed… If he keep this up he’ll be well over 6 feet tall when he’s an adult!

Morgan also is starting to show more confidence in his walking & standing ability. He’ll stand & play with things, like the wheels on any wheeled toy he can tip over, for several minutes at a time. He’s also a lot better at getting to his feet, as well as getting off his feet. I suspect he’ll start walking all the time real soon. 🙂

It’s such a joy to watch Morgan grow. He continually brings us much happiness, and love.

And now the sad…

With much heartbreak & sorrow we said farewell to Bull on Sunday night (1/16/00) at 9:25 pm…

He hung on for a whole week longer than we originally thought he would. We are extremely grateful for the time we were able to spend with Bull.

An hour or so before his death he started to have trouble breathing, and his condition started to deteriorate rapidly. We quickly drove to the vet. Where Dr Guerino checked Bull over and agreed that he was in a bad way. I signed a permission form to euthanized Bull, and then the Dr gave Bull an injection in his arm.. Bull quickly & peacefully passed away surrounded by most, but not all, of his loving family.

Bull was two months shy of 15 years old, a nice ripe old age for a cat. We shall always remember Bull with lots of love & affection. Thankfully time will blunt the sharp edges of our grief.

Good bye my old friend… My Bull Pole Cat.

Also view the previous post for more info about Bull’s illness.

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