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What A Rotten Week…

On Friday (1/7) I discovered a large "lump" on Bull‘s neck, to the right of his "adam’s apple". We quickly brought Bull to the Vet’s, and he stayed overnight for treatment & tests.

The best case scenario was that he had pneumonia, and required antibiotics and/or hospitalization. The worse case scenario was that he had a tumor, and didn’t have long to live…

Well, sad to say, it looks like it’s the latter. We’re waiting for one more test result to come in, but the Vet, Dr. Guerino, has a feeling it won’t be good news.

We brought Bull home, and are playing it by ear. So, as long as he stays comfortable he’ll be at home with his family.

We are all trying to come to terms with this devastating news, and trying to be calm for Bull’s sake. Morgan doesn’t seem to realize that anything is going on, except that he’s been to his Grandmother’s house a lot lately. What a rotten week it has been… *sigh*

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