No Place Like Home

The Life & Times Of The Shaffer Family

100 Things

  1. I was born on February 18th.
  2. In Portsmouth, NH.
  3. In 1968
  4. I’m an Aquarian.
  5. My ancestry is: ½ French & ½ Polish.
  6. My hair, and eyes are brown.
  7. I’m 5′ 7 ½” tall.
  8. My blood type is O negative.
  9. I wear glasses, and have worn them since my early 20’s.
  10. Both my parents have passed on… My Father in 1987, and my Mom in 2006.
  11. I lived in, and around, the New Hampshire seacoast until October 2001.
  12. Then I moved to Plano, TX.
  13. TX is waaaaaaay too flat, and it really freaks me out, but at least Pookey has a better paying job than the one he had in NH.
  14. I hope to move back to New Hampshire someday. *deep sigh*
  15. We purchased our first, and only, home in September 2006. It’s pure heaven not to have to deal with landlords anymore.
  16. I’m Pagan with Wiccan tendencies.
  17. The one rule I try to live my life by is: "and it harm none, do what you will."
  18. Sometimes I fail at this, but I accept that the "Three-fold Law of Return" is the consequences of my actions.
  19. I feel that living your life well, and being a good person is the best way you can honor whatever deity you choose to worship… Not fancy churches, or empty words and actions.
  20. I married Pookey in 1993, but lived with him the year prior to that.
  21. And it’s my second marriage.
  22. I feel Pookey and I were meant to be with one another, as we have so many things in common.
  23. I became a mom when I gave birth to our first (and currently only) child, Morgan, in October 1998.
  24. I finally got pregnant after 5 long, arduous years of off, and on, infertility treatments because I have Poly-Cystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS).
  25. Unless something miraculous happens this will probably be our only biological child.
  26. I’ve thought about the idea of adopting a child, or two, but decided that Morgan was enough for us…
  27. My son has autism, and was diagnosed with it in 2004.
  28. It was hard to come to terms with after first, but after a lot of thought I would choose to still have the son I have, even with the full knowledge that he would have autism, than to have never been pregnant with him at all.
  29. After having my son I was the happiest I have EVER been in my life. Yes, even happier than when I married Pookey.
  30. I have suffered from clinical depression since 1996.
  31. My depression began because of a job I had with Cabletron (Now know as Enterasys) for 5 years… I had to work with the biggest slacker & two-faced ass kisser that I have EVER worked with named Diane Dobson. That, and the fact that the company I worked for didn’t give a flying fuck if it screwed over competent, hard working people who had a good work ethic.
  32. I HATE slackers. I HATE them, I HATE them, I HATE them!!! Did I mention I hate slackers?
  33. I don’t wear make-up, other than occasional eye liner & lipstick, but I used to.
  34. It was one of the first things to go when I fell into a deep depression in 1997.
  35. During the deepest part of my depression, in early 1998, I was able to finally get pregnant.
  36. Being pregnant was one of the only reasons I didn’t harm, or kill, myself.
  37. I am now so thankful that I was pregnant during that dark time.
  38. I have been a cat servant for most of my life.
  39. We currently have 12 cats. Yes, 12. Juno, the feral I care for, had 3 litters of kittens I had to rescue before I was finally able to get her spayed.
  40. I am very opinionated, and have a lot of strong views on many issues.
  41. Like circumcision.
  42. And responsible pet ownership.
  43. And child abuse.
  44. And about 50 million other things as well.
  45. I am a voracious reader.
  46. I mostly read science fiction & fantasy, with other genres thrown in the mix for spice.
  47. I read at least one book every week, sometimes more, depending on the book.
  48. I have a large book library full of countless books.
  49. We need to buy, or build, more bookcases. A lot more.
  50. I love to listen to & collect music.
  51. I have a large music collection containing 2305 albums by 1599 artists. It takes up 148.67 GB.
  52. My favorite song is "I Feel Love" By Blue Man Group.
  53. I love to listen to any music that Sarah Mclachlan does.
  54. I feel the ipod is one of the greatest inventions since sliced bread.
  55. I quit school when I was half way through my junior year of high school.
  56. I got my GED 5 years after leaving school, and passed all the sections with scores in the high 80th & 90th percentiles, without taking any sort of GED prep classes at all.
  57. I feel that my all my years in school were wasted years, since I learned more when I left school, than while I was there.
  58. Plus, I found school to be wicked boring.
  59. And I always hated getting up so early in the morning. Still do.
  60. My hair started going gray when I was 17.
  61. I do dye my hair, though there are periods when I let it go gray out of shear laziness.
  62. I generally like to keep my hair in an ear length bob, but my hair length varies depending on how good I am about getting Pookey to give me a hair cut.
  63. I’ve been lazy lately, and just pull back my slightly below the shoulders hair, into a pony tail.
  64. I try my best to only use products that are not tested on animals.
  65. I feel that there has to be better ways to test the safety of products than by putting chemicals in the eyes of poor, defenseless animals.
  66. I’ve played RPGs since I was 16.
  67. Instead of in-person (PnP) RPGs I now play Neverwinter Nights.
  68. I’m totally hooked. 😉
  69. My favorite server to play on is Forgotten Realms Cormyr. I actively play: Brin, Miriel Bloodwyne, and Laerul Moonbow. If you see me, say "Hi".
  70. My favorite colors are purple & yellow.
  71. I don’t own a cell phone anymore because AT&T was bought out by Cingular (SBC), and they jacked up all of their prices, so I dropped them. I haven’t felt the need to replace it with another one yet. So, in my opinion, the only thing Cingular is "raising the bar on" is their damned prices. Assholes!
  72. If I need to use a cell phone I just borrow Pookey’s.
  73. I’ve had to have stitches 5 times in my life, and 4 of those times were in my childhood.
  74. Out of all the sites I’ve had stitches on, my right knee holds the record: 17! This was when I was 7, and fell while walking through tall grass, with my knee coming down directly on a large sharp rock. I still remember this incident vividly, and it is why I will not allow medical personnel to unnecessarily cause my child pain when there is no need for it.
  75. I’ve only had surgery (tonsillectomy) once in my life, and can’t understand people who have surgery when they really don’t have to do it. *shudders*
  76. I smoke too much, but not as much as some. To all those rabid nonsmokers: Don’t worry, I only smoke outside, never in my house.
  77. I hate the smell a house gets when people are allowed to smoke inside it.
  78. I find dimples (on either side of the mouth, not on the chin) so very sexy.
  79. I’ve never traveled outside of the United States, though I want to.
  80. I’m famous, among my friends, for my "what if" scenarios.
  81. I’ve known my best friend since I was 19.
  82. Stupid people piss me off a lot, and there are way too many of them.
  83. I collect fairies, especially bubble fairies, other mythical creatures, and rabbits.
  84. I talk to myself sometimes… Thankfully, no one, besides myself, talks back. 😀
  85. I like to daydream.
  86. Fall is my favorite time of the year.
  87. I enjoy my "alone time" when Morgan & Pookey go to bed.
  88. I can’t stand to hear a baby crying – it goes right through me – so I immediately want to fix whatever is causing them distress.
  89. It’s kind of freaky to me that I’m over 40. I don’t feel old.
  90. I don’t understand people who feel it’s bad to grow older though. I equate age with experience gained.
  91. I’m a diet Pepsi drinker… I find Coke way too sweet.
  92. My favorite way to have eggs is over easy, or poached.
  93. I’m famous for my potato, and egg, salad.
  94. I’m also pretty good at making my own homemade bread.
  95. I want to see the Pacific ocean before I die.
  96. I love going bare foot.
  97. I currently only have 4 pairs of shoes… Two pairs of Birkenstock nubuck Florida sandals, and two pairs of Simple original leather clogs. One in black, and one in brown. They’re a bit pricey, but they’ve lasted me for years. My brown Birkenstock nubuck Florida sandals are a couple of years older than Morgan.
  98. I always wear dresses, or skirts, and haven’t worn pants in over 13 years.
  99. I don’t watch a lot of TV. Most of the shows I watch are ones I’ve recorded on my DVR.
  100. I discovered that writing down 100 miscellaneous tidbits about yourself is harder than it looks.