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even though sooner or later you'll inhale a bee... :D

Pookey & I are opposed to medically unnecessary infant/child circumcision. Though, most of the circumcisions that U.S. doctors say are "medically necessary" really aren't necessary at all... This is all because U.S. doctors are ignorant about the proper care of the intact (not circumcised) penis, and frequently give parents incorrect advice about caring for one. I have no problem with an adult who chooses to be circumcised, but I do have a problem with an adult who makes that decision for a child. We are the proud parents of an intact son.

[Stop Infant Circumcision!!]

Early in the pregnancy, we decided not to circumcise Morgan because we did not, and do not, believe we have the right to make such an alteration to his body. That is something for him to decide for himself, if he would even want to in the first place, when he is older. We are merely the custodians of our son's body, not its owner.

Besides... We did not want our precious, longed for (It took Pookey & I, 5 years to conceive Morgan.) child to experience the excruciating pain of circumcision for any reason. Circumcision is extremely painful, so don't let anyone tell you it's not! Even when anesthesia is used it isn't always effective, as a baby cannot be given a more potent anesthetic, or adequate amounts, due to his size and age. The thought that other parents inflict such unnecessary pain and suffering on their child breaks my heart, and really ticks Pookey off.

If people would only take the time to really think about this and to educate themselves about what happens (If circumcision is too horrible for parents to see, surely it's too horrible for babies to experience.) during a circumcision, I believe they would choose not to have their son circumcised at all.

10 out of 10 babies oppose circumcision. Shouldn't you? One can only hope...

A little about the two of us...

Ash & Pookey

Pookey & I are part of a pagan family. It currently has seven members. Four of the seven members are feline & the other three are human. Though, the human part of the family isn't afraid of vacuum cleaners. :-D Pookey & I have known each other for about eighteen years now. We were friends (and still are) for a couple of years before we "discovered" there was anything romantic between us. It was a great (and wonderful) surprise to both of us that we are so well suited. We have similar tastes in most things: Music, books, & hobbies... The list goes on and on.

We have been together for almost seventeen years (Wow... Time's fun, when you're having flies.), and have been married for all but one of those years. Our anniversary is on the 18th of December (right before Yule) which is akin to having a birthday during the winter holidays, but I don't mind... not too much anyway. ;) We have both been well and truly blessed by the Gods!


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Something to think about...

[Ivy Pentagram]

If we could shrink the earth's population to a village of precisely 100 people with all the existing human ratios remaining the same, it would look like this:

There would be 57 Asians, 21 Europeans, 14 from the Western Hemisphere and eight Africans. Fifty-one would be female; 49 would be male. Seventy would be non-white. Seventy would be non-Christian.

Half the wealth would be in the hands of only six people, and all six would be citizens of the United States. Eighty would live in substandard housing. Seventy would be unable to read. Fifty would suffer from malnutrition. Only one person would have a college education. No one would own a computer.

When one considers our world from such an incredibly compressed perspective, the need for both tolerance and understanding becomes glaringly apparent.

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